Bulletproof Vests For Tactical Teams and SWAT

Bulletproof Vests For Tactical Teams and SWAT

Tactical teams and SWAT are usually not sent to the scene of a crime unless the situation is extreme. That means that these officers are going directly into a dangerous situation and need to be properly protected. Many people do not realize the level of protection these officers need. They are going up against unknown assailants. They have no idea what type of weapons the offenders have and how they plan to use them. That means that they have to be properly protected from just about any type of assault the individuals could use.

Tactical Overt Carriers

For this reason, the SWAT and tactical teams often use overt bulletproof vests, when they go into the field. Overt vests are vests that are worn over clothing. They provide maximum protection against a barrage of weaponry. The overt vests are designed to be a bit heavier than the covert vest that is on the market, but they protect more weaponry too.

The overt vests are designed to be lightweight to ensure that the teams can move as easily as possible when wearing them. They need to be able to move in a stealth and undetectable manner, thus the vests are designed to be as silent as possible. Due to the lightweight nature of the vests, officers wearing them are still able to move easily from one place to another without feeling as though they are carrying a heavier load. This is important especially when the officers need to move quickly to be able to save hostages.

Second-Hand Bulletproof Vests

Many members of the SWAT and tactical teams are issued vests through the units for which they work. While these vests will more than likely be due to the job that they are intended to do well, many officers choose to invest in their own vests. There are many times when vests are passed down within a precinct. It can be hard to know how well the vests were maintained when they are passed down from person to person. If the vests were not maintained properly, they will not protect what they were intended to protect. The overt vests that are on the market are very affordable and worth the investment if someone works a dangerous job.

It is important to talk to the supervisor in the unit where one works to find out what level of vest he or she needs to purchase. There are different levels of protection available and it is important to make sure that the vest purchased offers the right protection for the situation they are going into. Most precincts will have no problem with someone investing in their own vests as long as they get it inspected and approved by someone at the precinct. This is what many officers choose to do because they want to increase their chances of being able to go home to their families at the end of the day. Having the right protection can mean the difference between life and death for many of them.