The Differences between Edged Blade and Spike Protection

Spike attack is an attack by an assailant carrying a sharp pointed object such as ice picks, needles and long, thin nails. On the other hand, edged blade attack is an attack by an assailant carrying cutting objects such as knives and broken glass bottles. Spike and edged blade attacks usually occur where the target is in close proximity with the attacker. These attacks could cause grievous bodily harm or even death.

Anybody can be targeted by an assailant with a cutting or sharp pointed object. This means that you must be fully protected in case you have a reason to believe that you might be attacked.  Before buying any body armor, it is important that you consider the kind of threat you are likely to encounter.

Whereas edged blades cut fabrics before reaching the target, spikes pass through the micro spaces between threads that make up the fabric.   Body armors designed to offer protection against edged blade attacks are therefore very different from armors designed to offer protection against spike attacks. As a matter of fact a sharp object can still penetrate body armor that is designed to protect against edged blade attacks. This means that you have to be extra cautious when purchasing body armor so as to obtain one that will protect you against the threats that you are facing.

The most widely used material in the manufacture of body armors is the Kevlar®. The Kevlar® is basically an extremely strong and light synthetic material. Since its launch in the early 1970s, the Kevlar® has always been used in the manufacture of edged blade and spike protection body armors. However the processing of the Kevlar® to be used in spike protection is very different from how edged blade protection Kevlar® is processed.

Spike threat protection body armors are widely used by prison guards due to the high instances of spike attacks in most prisons. Needles and other sharp objects can be very dangerous to the guards especially in instances where they are attacked unawares. Spike protection body armors can also be very helpful in prison riots. Fully protected guards are always confident and can easily enter the cell blocks and stop the riots.

Edged blade protection armors can be used by bouncers in night clubs and other entertainment joints in which merrymakers are likely to get excessively drunk. In such places, bottles can be broken and then used for edged blade attacks. Intoxicated revelers can also get into a fight quite easily and stab each other using the broken bottles. This means that bouncers should be fully protected against stab attacks so that they can enforce order in the night clubs.  

Stab and spike protection body armors can also be used by doormen and doorwomen manning entrances to frequently visited public places and buildings such airports and stadiums. In such installations, it is very important that the guards are fully protected with body armor so that they can manage the large crowds without having to worry about their safety.