Why Buy SafeGuard ARMOR™?

Why Purchase Body Armor?

In modern times we have seen an increase in violent, gun and knife related crime. This has led to many authorities, companies and organizations looking for added forms of protection against these types of threats. At SafeGuard ARMOR™ we feel that it is every employers moral obligation to ensure that, if their employees are to face any form of danger whilst in the work place, then they are properly prepared, and more than sufficiently protected against those threats. At SafeGuard ARMOR™ we have a complete range of body armor that will protect the wearer from a variety of threats, including bullet proof vests, ballistic helmets and hard armor plates.

Here at SafeGuard ARMOR™ we believe that if an employer has the choice of purchasing a piece of body armor at a great price or taking the risk of bad publicity, legal action or injured employees then the choice is a simple one - our body armor is a small price to pay for potentially saving lives.

At SafeGuard ARMOR™ our team of highly experienced body armor experts are available to advise you on any issues or queries you may have. We understand the importance of protecting yourself and your colleagues, but also the difficulties that can come with selecting the correct types of body armor to do that. SafeGuard ARMOR™ is the leader in the body armor market, and with our knowledge and guidance you can be confident in making the right choice when it comes to all of your body armor needs.


What sets us apart from the rest?

At SafeGuard ARMOR™ we sell more body armor, bullet proof vests and stab proof vests then anyone else in Europe. We buy and invest money in the raw materials used in our body armor, allowing us to sell the highest grade DuPont™ Kevlar® at the same price as other companies selling body armor made from cheaper, unbranded alternatives.

Here at SafeGuard ARMOR™ we have an unquestionable passion for providing the highest levels of personal protection through the body armor we supply. We constantly strive to improve our product knowledge and all round service by always listening to customer feedback and acting accordingly

Our large buying power helps us to offer the lowest prices for body armor in the world, whilst maintaining the highest production standards. We aim to offer the best customer service possible, and provide help with every aspect of purchasing your body armor. We carry thousands of pieces of our body armor in stock at any time, and offer free shipping with FedEx.

At SafeGuard ARMOR™ we aim to provide complete solutions for all of your body armor needs. We employ highly skilled machinists to produce our body armor covers and carriers to any specification, allowing us to cater for even the most specific requirements of our clients, in lightening fast time.