Why Buy SafeGuard ARMOUR™?

Why Purchase Body Armour?

A few alarming statistics:

* 255 - Fatal stabbings throughout the United Kingdom in 2008/2009.
* 143 - Law enforcement officers killed in the performance of their duties since 2000.
* 39 - Fatal shootings that took place in 2008 and 2009.

The past decade has witnessed a significant rise in violent crime associated with knives and guns. For this reason, municipal authorities, government agencies, corporations, and security firms, are increasingly seeking out added protection against threats to employees. At SafeGuard ARMOUR™ we believe that employers have a moral duty to provide their employees with more than adequate protection against all potential workplace threats. At SafeGuard ARMOUR™ we offer a large variety of body armour pieces designed to defeat a full range of threats, including ballistic helmets, hard armour plates, and bullet proof vests.

At SafeGuard ARMOUR™ we have the fundamental belief that purchasing an expensive bullet proof vest is far preferable to risking injured personnel, as well as the possibility of law suits and negative publicity. In potentially saving people’s lives, a body armour piece represents a small investment indeed.

SafeGuard ARMOUR™ maintains a staff of body armour experts with the extensive knowledge base required to answer any concerns or questions you may have. We also understand the importance of choosing the right piece of body armour to safeguard yourself and others. This often makes the purchase of body armour daunting and time consuming. A worldwide leader in body armour, SafeGuard ARMOUR™ provides impartial guidance and advice that you can feel confident in utilizing during the selection process. 


What sets us apart from the rest?

SafeGuard ARMOUR™ is Europe’s leading provider of bullet proof vests, stab proof vests, and other types of body armour. Our extensive investment in purchasing the raw materials for body armour manufacture enables us to offer products with top quality DuPont™ Kevlar®, at a price point other companies charge for armour with cheap, unbranded protective panels.

At SafeGuard ARMOUR™ we have a passion for offering customers the highest levels of personal threat protection in every piece of body armour sold.  We listen carefully to customer feedback, striving to incorporate the insight gained into improved service and all-around better performance.

SafeGuard ARMOUR™’s large-scale buying power allows us to offer body armour at the best prices around the globe, while strictly ensuring highest level production standards.  We assist people in every aspect of the body armour selection process, offering dedicated customer service. With thousands of bullet proof and stab proof vests in stock at any given time, all orders come with free shipping.

Our primary aim at SafeGuard ARMOUR™ is to offer a full range of body armour solutions for individual and corporate customers. Our team of highly trained machinists can quickly design and produce body armour carriers and covers to exacting specifications, ensuring fast turnaround on even the most complex orders.