About Us

In continuous operation for about 7 years, SafeGuard ARMOUR™ was established in the United Kingdom in 2006. Over the past decade, we have expanded from a small firm focused on local bullet proof vest sales, to a market leader servicing the body armour needs of thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide. With several distribution points across the globe, we currently manufacture body armour in England, the United States, and Europe. We ship thousands of pieces on a weekly basis to a client base that extends over more than 100 countries. Our orders are all shipped through FedEx express delivery service, with tracking information emailed to the customer upon product order dispatch.

Manufacturer & Designer of High-End Body Armor Solutions

SafeGuard ARMOUR™ is committed to providing clients with complete protective armour solutions, designed to meet their full spectrum of protection requirements. We stock a comprehensive range of body armour, including hard and soft plate bullet proof vests and ballistic helmets. In addition to a large inventory of body armour on hand, we have the manufacturing capacities to quickly fulfill orders of any quantity. Our highly experienced machinists can work with clients to customize body armour pieces whenever required.

Industry Leading Experts

SafeGuard ARMOUR™’s industry leader status is based on our unique ability to maintain the highest quality standards while offering competitively priced body armour. Among our global customer base are multi-national security and shipping firms, as well as individual clients. Our dedication to excellence in customer service extends to taking time with every individual in selecting the exact body armour pieces that fulfills his or her needs.  We handle every order in the same professional manner, whatever its size, ensuring that all customers receive the same level of individualized support during the order process. Our highly trained account managers take pride in providing impartial advice on every aspect of body armour selection, helping clients find items suitable to their requirements. We also offer a wide range of online guides covering every facet of body armour, from size selection to protection levels.

As a well established body armour company, SafeGuard ARMOUR™ offers unparalleled market experience and product expertise. In terms of body armour quality, price and service levels, we truly believe that no other company can match our high standards.