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30 Layers of DuPont Kevlar® armour

NIJ Level IIIa Ballistic Protection

NIJ Level II Stab Protection

  • Kevlar® armour professionaly refurbished
  • Brand new CoolMAX® cover worth £65
  • Shipping next day if ordered before 3pm
  • Same vest as used by high-end UK, Australian, German and various USA and Canadian police opratives.
  • Certified and tested to UK HOSDB HG2 / NIJ Level IIIA Equivalent.
  • Around 3kg depending on size.



This vest is best suited for covert wear, and is designed to be worn under clothes. It uses highly durable and hard-wearing CoolMAX® fabric.


Protection Level

level3a stab2 spike2


With our Coolmax vest, we present one of the finest NIJ Level IIIa / UK HG2 covert vests available. The CoolMAX kevlar bullet proof vest has been developed by both the USA NIJ and UK HOSDB. It has proven itself over recent years in many countries, including the UK, USA and Australia. The UK and Australian Police have both trusted this vest, and many high budget USA law enforcers depend on similar vests every day. 

The body armour panels on this kevlar vest have been quality checked and refurbished by our armor specialists, and are resold with complete confidence.


Kevlar® armor

Kevlar® is 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, and retains its strength well; it will only degrade when exposed directly UV light. All of our vests are constructed from Kevlar®, and not the unbranded, untrustable composite materials and UHWPE's that some other companies choose.


A warranty for this vest is available for one year. The warranty is against any manufacturing defects. Subject to terms and conditions.

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