Purchasing Body Armour For Your Company

With more than 25 years of experience supplying companies’ body armour needs,  SafeGuard ARMOUR™ maintains corporate clients over a diverse range of industries, from shipping to security. Our dedicated account managers are available to assist you in choosing the most suitable body armour pieces, facilitating the entire order process. Our extensive after-sales services are designed to ensure your complete satisfaction with each purchase made.

We have thousands of body armour pieces in stock at any given time, allowing us to quickly fulfill even the largest order. With a team of experienced machinists on hand, we can easily alter or customize details of body armour production to match your specific requirements.

Having supplied the body armour needs of thousands of clients worldwide, the efficiency of our large order fulfillment services is well recognized. To purchase body armour for your business, simply contact one of our account managers at or 01138800795.

At SafeGuard ARMOUR™, we take pride in stocking a comprehensive range of body armour. If for some reason our available products do not meet your specific requirements, pleased contact us and we will be happy to source the item through our extensive contacts list. With discounts available on all orders of 10 or more, our account managers can provide you with full details of the savings achieved on your ordered items.