Always staying ahead of the curve in personal protection the wonderful people at Safeguard Armour have done it again. Introducing GHOST™! This is the newest advancement in safety gear from the professionals who know it best. With all of the big changes in the world and in our own neighborhoods; personal and family safety is no longer reserved just for our cops and soldiers.

Now more and more people are finding themselves feeling the need to wear added protection daily to help shield them from the dangers of the crazy world we are living in. The newest addition to the world of safety and comfort is a new vest design known as GHOST™. This vest really has all the added little bonuses that you would look for in safety vest. With its Coolmax® carrier material you can be safe from harm and feel comfortable wearing it.

The Coolmax® material is inside the vest and the breathable fabric helps you to stay cool. It helps to keep the sweat off your body through transpiration. An added bonus is that the vest is designed to be worn comfortably for hours. No more twelve hour shifts just begging to take your vest off. This little number just begs to be worn. The adjustable Velcro straps on the shoulders and the waist help to ensure that you have the best, most comfortable possible fit. No more rub marks and skin irritation from a sliding vest, and no more heat rashes caused by poor airflow. Plus as most everyone knows the best fitting vest is usually the safest.

 Another cool feature of the GHOST™ is that with it having the smallest carrier design possible this vest is completely covert. This can easily be worn under your shirt without it being obvious to the public. The fact that this vest is also extremely light weight in comparison to other brands also makes it ideal for people who don’t want to be weighed down.  The fact that the vest is easily concealed makes it easier to wear your protection out in public without awkward glances from the public. While you know the reason you wear your vest for safety not everyone sees it that way. As many of you who wear your protection in public know some people can look at you like you are a criminal for worrying about your safety. However if you go with GHOST™ they will look no more.