When we speak about body armour, we think about safety and guaranteed protection needed for particular circumstances. Safeguard Armour has always been looking for the latest and most effective technologies in terms of body armour. Cooperation with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the USA and the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) has been providing abundant fruits with each new product. You have probably seen and noted our Stealth vest that quite was a prominent product, when it was first released. Today, you should move your focus to the brand new Stealth Pro vest.

Stealth Pro is an advanced version of Stealth vest that will not only protect the wearer, but will also feel as natural as possible. Let’s take a look at the product’s features now. Unlike its predecessor, Stealth Pro is equipped with SAPI pockets in front and back, where you can insert hard armor plates. It is a covert vest and can be worn almost under any clothes. Stealth Pro vest has CoolMAX interior cooling system, so you can wear it right against your skin, without experiencing any inconvenience or irritation.

The new Stealth Pro vest has an amazing body contouring feature. Thus, even an undercover agent in a very hostile environment, where the enemy seems to be too suspicious, will be able to look absolutely natural, while remaining protected in such unpredictable circumstances.

Another great feature of the new Stealth Pro vest is its weight. Without additional hard armor plates, the vest weighs just 2.5 kilos, which is almost imperceptible during use. This, combined with CoolMAX system and body contouring allow sufficient mobility and comfort, in case you have to run or do any awkward things with your body you’re not used to.

Speaking of protection levels of Stealth Pro, you will hardly find another product, whose features would span so wide, according to the client’s preferences and requirements. Ballistic protection ranges from Level II to Level IV (II, III, IIIA, IV), embracing a broad band of possible ballistic attacks, so even if you’re in the military and have to travel and serve in a hot spot, Stealth Pro can be a perfect choice for you. Stealth Pro vest also features levels 1 and 2 stab protection and level 2 spike protection. This is a truly new-era product that can meet almost anyone’s needs, if they need proper protection from possible threats.