StealthPro™ Vest – the Future Is Here, the Future Is Now!

Body armor is quite a frequent topic nowadays. People live in dangerous neighborhoods, work in dangerous jobs and they want to have a guaranteed protection from threats they face in their everyday lives. Safeguard Armor has always been on the frontline of body armor manufacturing, seeking for the best modern ways to create contemporary personal protection masterpieces. The company has been cooperating with the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) and the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards. This cooperation has been priceless for Safeguard Armor LLC and has led the company to many amazing discoveries. One of them was Stealth vest that was released this spring. There were certain praises and a few complaints about it. Well, we’ve learned our lesson and here we are, presenting the new StealthPro™ vest!

At first glance, StealthPro™ seems to be just a little different from the original Stealth vest. But, if you take a closer look at it, you’ll see that it’s far than just better. A lot was said about Stealth missing hard plates or at least the pockets. Well, Safeguard Armor wants its clients to be protected the best way, so we decided that the new StealthPro™ vest will have two SAPI pockets – one in the front and one in the back. This way, if you like the vest, but expect to encounter larger rounds, you don’t need to go with an uncomfortable and bulky body armor set, just because it has hard plates on it – now you can simply insert additional plates and improve your personal protection. Just like the original Stealth, StealthPro™ has the CoolMAX interior cooling system, which makes it comfortable, when worn against the skin.

Safeguard Armor StealthPro™ has a prominent body contouring feature. Not only the new vest is kept concealed under your clothes, but due to contouring your body, it will feel natural and won’t look, like you actually have something under your jacket. You want a second skin that would protect you? Think Stealth Pro. We have added adjustable shoulder straps for an even tighter individual fitting.

StealthPro™ is rather lightweight – only 2.5 kilograms, without additional plates. If you combine StealthPro’s weight, CoolMax, and body contouring together, you get a vest that feels comfortable natural, and provides you with enough mobility, as if you weren’t wearing it at all.

We, at Safeguard Armor LLC, also took better care of protection levels this time. Our new Stealth Pro vest includes four ballistic protection levels (II, III, IIIA, and IV), stab protection levels 1 and 2, and spike protection level 2.

The bottom line is Safeguard Armor’s StealthPro™ is an absolutely innovative product, while derived from an already tested Stealth. The unique combination of features makes StealthPro™ a must have to any person either working on a dangerous job (police, military, security, etc.) or living in a hazardous neighborhood.