The increasing amount of knife crime in Great Britain practically forces local authorities and hospital trusts to supply stab vests to frontline specialists, such as teachers, traffic wardens, hospital porters, A&E staff, and benefit officers. Nowadays, the market is overtaken by tens of thousands of orders on stab vests. People want to be protected from elevated aggression levels. This dramatic aggression increase is described by many as a “shameful indictment of violence in the UK today.”


The UK Local Government Association has stated that councils have begun promptly responding to staff, who are looking for better personal protection. At the moment, over 20,000 sets of HOSDB-approved body armour sets have been provided to local authorities.

It was a shocking discovery, when Scotland Yard revealed that knife crime had already overshadowed terrorism as the Metropolitan police’s primary priority.The announcement was made in a week after the deaths of two 16-year old teenagers caused by stabbing. They were Ben Kinsella, who was stabbed with a knife during a GCSE graduation party, and Shakilus Townsend, who was stabbed in South London and deceased calling for his mother.

According to the senior homicide detective at Scotland Yard, these cases can only be interpreted by the council as a “shameful indictment of violence in Britain.” He also called the population for action to fight this issue effectively.

Attempting to subdue the danger, Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has recently rushed to consider, if doctors should be required to report stabbing wounds to the authorities, hereby permitting the police to collect data on gang attacks that they can’t access otherwise. This intention confirms concerns that official crime numbers don’t live up to the actual attacks and deepens fears that certain victims are taking revenge up on their offenders, instead of reporting to the authorities.

The Secretary also told in an interview that the Home Office has been advancing towards demanding the routine recording of knife injuries and added that it was quite improbable that they would not be expecting hospitals to share that information with the local authorities on a routine basis.


One body armor company from Oxfordshire stated that it had got around 10,000 orders on protective vests from their local government, where frontline NHS staff has ordered the most. HOSDB-approved KR1 stab vest appeared to be the most popular one. The company also reported of growing amounts of orders from teachers.

Numerous experts said that they believe councils are reacting to new corporate homicide laws, which means that organizations not being able to protect their staff could be prosecuted.

This tendency has resulted in a huge growth in stab vest sales. Although law enforcement establishments remain to be the main product market, the rise of knife crime has made frontline workers and even regular citizens consider getting a better protection. There are many companies selling body armour in UK, one of which is.  Streets of the UK don’t seem to be as safe as before anymore, so a good, reliable set of body armour could become a true lifesaver the other day, not just on their work, but even in their neighbourhood.