There is always a reason for buying body armour. In case someone is in searches for a bulletproof vest, they are seriously worried about their own safety due to some sort of threat, whether actual or potential. Although there are particular guidelines for civilians that live in hazardous neighbourhoods, this article is focused on selecting body armour according to a person’s job.

Why Would Anyone Need Body Armour for the Job?

There are occupations, like security guards, military, prison guards, bodyguards, and other that demand workers to be protected from various types of threats that can induce quite a lot of damage to their bodies or even kill them. There are employers, who supply their workers with body armour on default. However, there are as well cases, when every worker must look for and purchase personal body armour they need, when fulfilling their duty. This article is meant for people, who are not given body armour by their employers, although their jobs demand them to be properly protected and safe from a wide range of threats.

Body Armour Types

Body armour is divided onto two major types – bullet proof armor and stab proof armor. Occupation type determines the need for a specific kind of body armour. For an instance, if an individual is daily exposed to gunfire, stab proof vests will be useless for them – if they get shot, they will either get killed right away or bleed to death, or, at the best, will endure a very painful wound, which can make them disabled, if particular parts of the body are impacted. In the same way, if a person works as a prison guard, for example, where they have a high risk of being cut or stabbed, bullet proof armor will be almost completely useless and the person can potentially die because of the wound.

If you want to avoid such situations, it’s important to carefully consider the potential threats one can face at their jobsite in order to make a proper choice on body armour. Although these factors are very important for choosing the best body armour, there are as well protection levels that have to be taken into account. There are two globally recognized kinds of body armour protection level rating entities – the UK Home Office Development Branch and the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The former provides rating to spike and stab proof body armour and responds to the latter’s protection levels, while the latter provides ratings to bullet proof body armour, responding to the former’s protection levels. Every company that manufactures body armour must get their stuff through HOSDB and NIJ testing, so that they get approved for use and sale.

In both HOSDB and NIJ ratings, a body armour piece with a higher protection level provides a better protection, while being bulkier, heavier, and impeding with the wearer’s ability to move. This is another factor that has to be considered, before buying body armour.

What Do We Have in the End?

Now, let us summarize all that we have discussed in this article. In case you have a job that exposes you to gunfire, you require bullet proof body armour for certain. Ensure that the protection level responds to your very needs, since if your bullet proof vest has a lower level of protection, than the threat you encounter, if attacked, it will be useless and you can just suffer a very bad injury. In case your job exposes you to spike and stab attacks, ensure that you buy a stab proof vest with the corresponding protection level. Ensure that the armor you purchase does not impede with your movement, in case you need to be mobile, and fits you properly, neither dangling nor being too tight. These are probably the most important things that have to be considered, when searching for body armour for your job.