When someone hears the term chain mail, they often think back to the Middle Ages where soldiers road on horseback into battle, with swords drawn, and chain mail proudly displayed. While chain mail has been used for centuries, it is still a protective that is offered today. The chain mail that was used years ago is quite different than the chain mail that is used today. During the Middle Ages, chain mail was made using small metal rings that were interlocked together to create shirts that soldier wore into battle. During that time, they offered ample protection against the weapons of the day. Today, these types of chain mail body armour would not be nearly as effective.

Chain mail stab vests that are developed today use layers of metal plates, chain mail, and even wires made of metal to offer maximum protection. A ballistic vest alone will not offer protection from knives, broken bottles, or chisels. The bulletproof armour is designed to stop bullets from penetrating the body, not knives. By taking the time to have the right protection for the situation that you are facing, you can be sure that you are as safe as possible during whatever activity you plan to do.

Chain mail offers protection that is great for any job that requires a lot of movement and close interaction with others. Stab vests are ideal for those that work in a prison, with violent criminals, or in a store by themselves. The vests can be worn under clothing so that there is no way for them to be detected. They are very affordable and well worth the investment, if you think that there is a chance that you would be stabbed during the line of duty. There is no need to go to work fearful that you will not make it home, at the end of the day.