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  • Choose the Right Body Armour for Your Job

    There is always a reason for buying body armour. In case someone is in searches for a bulletproof vest, they are seriously worried about their own safety due to some sort of threat, whether actual or potential. Although there are particular guidelines for civilians that live in hazardous neighborhoods, this article is focused on selecting body armour according to a person’s job.

    Why Would Anyone Need Body Armour for the Job?

    There are occupations, like security guards, military, prison guards, bodyguards, and other that demand workers to be protected from various types of threats that can induce quite a lot of damage to their bodies or even kill them. There are employers, who supply their workers with body armour on default. However, there are as well cases, when every worker must look for and purchase personal body armour they need, when fulfilling their duty. This article is meant for people, who are not given body armour by their employers, although their jobs demand them to be properly protected and safe from a wide range of threats. Continue reading

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