The Many Uses of Aramid Fiber

The Many Uses of Aramid Fiber

Contrary to popular belief, Aramid Fiber has not been around for very long. Stephanie Kwolek who worked for DuPont made Aramid Fiber. Kwolek did a lot of testing and was attempting to develop a stronger tire for DuPont to manufacture and sell during a gas shortage. Instead of revolutionizing the tire world, Aramid Fiber revolutionized the entire world.

Aramid Fiber is one of the strongest materials on earth. It is a fiber that when woven together has the five times the strength of steel. It has been in used in many products throughout the years and researchers are still finding new uses for it today. The inner lining of bicycle tires is made from Aramid Fiber. The Aramid Fiber lining helps the tires to last longer and to avoid being punctured. Aramid Fiber is used on the interior of many ping-pong paddles. The Aramid Fiber helps the ball to bounce off of the paddles further than the traditional paddles. Aramid Fiber is also used in the back plates on some cellular phones. The Aramid Fiber helps to protect the interior workings of the phone from becoming damaged if the phone is dropped. Clothing is currently using Aramid Fiber to decrease the amount of injuries that are caused on the worksite. Gloves containing Aramid Fiber save hands from scratches and nicks while boots with Aramid Fiber toe lining protect the feet if something should fall on them.

The most popular and well-known way that Aramid Fiber is used today is in body armour. There are many different forms of body armour that use Aramid Fiber to keep someone safe and protected from small arms fire, large arms fire, and even knives. Aramid Fiber is very lightweight so it does not bog someone down when they are wearing it. It is also very thin and fits into a carrier that is specially designed to protect the Aramid Fiber. Aramid Fiber cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. This will cause the fibers to lose their density and thus decrease the protective properties of the Aramid Fiber. Aramid Fiber cannot be exposed to liquid or it will begin to offer less protection, as well. The carriers are specifically designed to carry the Aramid Fiber in the perfect place on someone’s body and to insure that the Aramid Fiber does not become damaged while it is being worn.

When choosing a carrier for your Aramid Fiber panel, it is a good idea to take the time to determine if you are going to wear the vest under or over your clothing. You may want to choose if you want the vest to have a zipper or if you are okay with the Velcro fasteners that traditionally come on a vest. The zippers are ideal for someone who is interested in taking their vest on and off frequently. The Velcro fasteners allow the vests to be adjusted to fit the body perfectly.

Aramid Fiber has revolutionized the way the world manufactures items and how durable items are. There are many items that you may be using right now that have Aramid Fiber in them and you do not even know it. It has been an invention that has made a global impact and will continue to do so for many years to come.