Sizing Guide

Importance of Fit

Many have little to no idea of how exactly a bullet or stab proof vest should fit. A vest that does not fit properly will not only be uncomfortable, but may not protect you properly. A properly fitted vest will ensure that you are comfortable, which is vital when operating in threatening environments. Moreover, a properly fitted vest should allow a full range of movement, and should not be a hindrance to any activity. This is again vital for those in physically demanding roles who still need protection. A stab or bullet proof vest is designed to protect vital organs, and so extends no lower than the naval; it should sit just above the belly button. If it hangs any lower it may hinder movement- any higher and it will not properly protect all the vital organs. While an injury to the lower naval would be serious, it would not be life threatening.

Size Guide

The importance of having a properly fitted vest should not be underestimated, and this size guide should provide the information necessary to choose your vest. If you are unsure as to which size will fit you best, it is recommended to opt for a bigger size than perhaps recommended. This is because body armor is quite adjustable to ensure the proper fit, and opting for a bigger size will allow you to adjust the Velcro straps to make it a comfortable fit. Below are the corresponding measurements to vest sizes:

Size chart

Female Size GuideFemale size chart

These sizes do not necessarily reflect sizes in other garments or from other companies. If in doubt, please include your measurements when ordering.