Security Personnel

Security personnel such as door supervisors and security guards are responsible for keeping control of large groups of people, many of which may be drunk and aggressive. They will also be in close proximity to a large amount of potentially dangerous objects, such as bottles and glasses, so it is important for them to be protected from these types of threats.

Depending on their situation a door supervisors will wear either covert or overt types of body armor, with at least stab protection. A stab proof vest will protect the wearer from knife attacks, but will also protect them from broken bottles and glasses, which is essential when working in bars, clubs and pubs. Many door supervisors also face the threat of attack from customers with guns, and will choose body armor with ballistic protection because of this. Our Stealth Combo™ vest is a durable, lightweight vest that can be worn under or over clothes, which gives the wearer the flexibility to wear it in different ways when required.

Security guards are often employed to act as a deterrent to crime, and as a result will normally wear high visibilty, overt body armour such as our Vizer™ vest. This allows them to stand out in a crowd, and makes them easily identifiable as a person of authority. Again they should have body armor with a minimum of stab protection, but most will have body armor with bullet, stab and spike protection in order to protect them from the full range of threats that they could potentially face.