Military Personnel

It is essential for Military personnel to have the highest level of protection available when they are in action.

A Level IIIa bullet proof vest can stop rounds from high powered handguns, however it will not protect the wearer from rifle rounds. In a war zone Military personnel will require additional hard armor to stop rifle fire.

Hard armor is available in two levels, NIJ Level III and NIJ Level IV. NIJ Level III hard armor is designed to stop regular rifle rounds, and NIJ Level IV will stop armor piercing rifle rounds. Normally hard armor is designed to be worn over a NIJ Level IIIa soft armor bullet proof vest, however some plates are made to be worn as "stand alone" protection, meaning they can worn without a bullet proof vest.

Hard armor is heavier than soft body armor, and each plate is available in a range of weights. A single plate can weigh between 1.3kg-3kg, depending on their construction and the level of protection they offer.

As well as having hard armor plates, military specification body armor can also feature additional protection that is not found on normal bullet proof vests. Our MilPro™ vest features protective panels that are 15% larger than regular panels, and offers the wearer the option of additional groin, throat, neck and arm protection. It also features MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, which is used by the military to attach a variety of upgrades directly to their body armor.