Taxi and Cab Drivers Could Also Need Body Armor

After multiple knife attacks on taxi and cab drivers, some body armor manufacturers started to make slash and cut resistant clothes, so that these people could be protected from such assaults.

This body armor is meant to provide appropriate protection to taxi and cab drivers, who frequently have to work alone at night. These people have to deal with likely intoxicated, hostile, and incontrollable individuals.

Actually, cab and taxi drivers must have been taken care of from the very beginning, because their job often takes them to quite distant locations that can be dangerous and lack cell phone connection. A lot of different people that ride their vehicles can often represent a serious and realistic danger to the driver as well.

Hate because of racial prejudice and aggressive discontent about the drive cost and a bad drunk disorder are the issues taxi drivers can face day by day. This particularly can occur at the end of the weekend, when passengers are often drunk after a long party night.

For an instance, just this March, a 60 year old cab driver from Salina, KS, Jay Waiton was brutally assaulted and left with damages to the head, arms, and neck. He said that when he woke up, he thanked the Lord for being alive. He assumed that the attacker stopped, because he thought that Jay was already dead. However, Jay himself thought he died after he passed out.

And this is what happened to a cab driver in a very civilized country just a little over a month ago!

Although the Internet abounds in safety advices for taxi and cab drivers, it’s nevertheless often not adequate to protect these frontline specialists properly.

IT Technologies for Cab Drivers’ Protection

Several taxi, cab, and private firms have already invested in various tools that will help improve personal safety of their drivers. CCTV is one of the systems that have become an important means of fighting with the aggressive cases, giving the passenger a clear hint that they are going to be filmed, they will then be prosecuted, and the video with their face will be employed as actual physical evidence in the court.

Of course, this technology won’t be effective each and every time, ‘cause certain aggressive individuals either don’t give a heck about the probable consequence after an attack or they are just so drunk or high that they simply don’t realize it.

This is why there’s a particular need for a ‘safety net,’ as people say. There’s a need for something that will protect the driver, if all CCTV systems and other things didn’t help them and didn’t stop the attack, some kind of body armor.

Body Armor for Taxi and Cab Drivers

While taxi and cab drivers won’t feel comfortable wearing a regular bullet proof vest or stab proof vest, there is still an option for them. Moreover, regular vests won’t work, when you are attacked with a knife to the neck, arms, and face.

There are sweat shirts and sleeves that can act as special body armor for cab and taxi drivers. They are covert, so the driver won’t compromise their weak spots.

It has to be understood that a knife attack that hits the axillary artery, carotid artery, or radial artery will most surely lead to a quick blood loss and then can even lead to death in just a couple of minutes.

Injuries of the forearm that leave ugly scars aren’t as uncommon as many would want to believe. And this new sleeve body armor is meant to provide protection to the forearms of the driver in case someone attacks them with a knife. In the same manner, the new turtle neck sweat shirt represents great body armor that provides protection to the neck, when an attacker tries to attack the driver’s neck with a knife or any other blade.

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