Talos Body Armor For US marines

Everyone knows that there are constant advancements being made in body armor for good reason. Soldiers are still dying in battle and having the right body armor can make all the difference in the world. Scientists have recently found a way to make body armor even more protective than it has ever been before, while making it lighter and more comfortable at the same time. The Talos body armor is a new type of body armor that has been developed to provide soldiers with maximum protection without having to worry about the bulkiness that often caused them trouble in the past.

Talos body armor uses magneto-rheological fluids to provide the protection that special operations need. The MR fluids rely on magnetic fields to create differing degrees for both flexibility and hardness. The differing degrees will allow the soldiers to have more freedom of movement without having to compromise on the protection that they are able to get from the body armor.

There are many benefits to the Talos body armor than just the fact that it offers more protection than just about any other body armor on the market. The flexibility of the armor allows the soldiers to bend and maneuver in any way that is needed without having to worry about their skin becoming pinched or feeling restricted in any way. The body armor is designed to be low profile to ensure that it will fit comfortably under the uniforms that the soldiers currently have so that there will not be a need to invest in new uniforms. There are many forms of body armor that are large and bulky. The low profile armor will cause the person to have the protection that they need to have without having to worry about their clothes feeling that they fit too tightly for them to be able to do their job properly. If a special ops soldier is not able to turn, duck, or squat when needed, it could mean the difference between life and death for them.

The armor also helps the soldiers by giving them additional joint support. The body armor is not designed to be worn on the torso of the body alone. It also provides protection to the arms and legs. The joint support helps the soldiers to be able to fight for longer periods of time without having to feel the pain in their joints that they would have felt without the joint support. The body armor is also designed to distribute the weight of the armor evenly to ensure that the soldiers do not feel weighed down while they are wearing it. Being able to forget that they even have the armor on allows them to be able to do their jobs to the fullest capacity possible, without having to put themselves at risk of great injury. There are even sensors built into the armor that helps the wearer to sense if he or she is at risk of hurting their body through a wrong twist or turn. The armor is the wave of the future, when it comes to protection in battle.

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    I totally agree with the first point mentioned that body armors should be lighter and comfortable. With our present technology it is not hard to make a body armor with finest quality and is comfortable.

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