Saved Officer Explains Need to Wear a BulletProof Vest

There are some officers who do not realize how important it is to keep their bulletproof vest on throughout their entire shift. Many officers choose to take their vest off until they think that they are approaching a risky situation. That is never a good idea because no one can ever know where danger lurks. Officer Justin Conley can attest to the importance of wearing a bulletproof vest through the duration of a shift.

During a break, Officer Conley decided to go out to the station parking lot for some fresh air. While he was outside, a group of individuals ambushed him. Instead of being killed during the attack, the bulletproof vest that he was wearing protected him and ultimately saved his life. If he had taken the vest off because he thought he was safe at the station, he would not be alive to tell his story today.

Conley explains how important the right fit for a bulletproof vest is, as well. He had just received a new vest six weeks before being ambushed. The vest that he previously had was handed down from another officer. It didn’t fit well and likely would not have offered him the same protection that the well-fitting vest did.

Having a proper fit for any bulletproof vest is important. Someone needs to be sure that they take the time to take measurements before ordering a vest to ensure that they are able to get the right vest for their specific needs. Vests should not sit above the bellybutton and should be designed for the specific sex that plans to wear the vest. There are vests specifically made for men and ones made for women. Wearing the right vest for your sex could make the difference between surviving an ambush, like Officer Conley and not making it home to your family.

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  • Shaun

    I am so glad to hear stories like these where people working for law enforcement understand the need for soft body armor. Our men and women need to be wearing armor for their protection because every day they put their lives on the line.

    Really glad Officer Conley decided to wear his body armor.

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