Potential Upgrades to U.S. Military Body Armor

The U.S. military’s $90 million investment for the advancement in body armor is sure to create a few ripples. With the help of the top research universities, including John Hopkins and Rutgers, in conjunction with other companies, the possibilities are endless.

Developers have worked on two new body armor designs, one that’s better suited for insignificant duties, and another that will provide a more advanced protection for deadlier missions.The Army has undertaken efforts to developed armor for smaller soldiers as well, including women. In fact, the Army is already planning to release body armor targeted at females this month. The plan is to field 600 vests to women serving in Afghanistan.

Body armor can weigh between 30 and 50 pounds before a marine attaches additionalnecessary gear to their bodies. Researchers continually test prototypes in hopes that a solid product could reduce thefatigue that carrying all this weight can conjure. This will allow the troops to conserve more energy while on duty. Details about armor that is super lightweight is still very classified. New and improved plate inserts called Enhanced Capability Small Arms Protective Inserts has also been considered for military armor advancement.The innovative armorwill not only be lighter, but can stop more powerful rounds as well.ECSAPI could be released as soon as October of 2013.

A company known as MARCORSYSCOM’s Individual Armor Team is working with engineers from the Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, and designers from the Navy’s Clothing and Textile Research Facility to refine the perfect vest also.Researchers proposethe next-generation vest’s availability within the next two years. There have been and are currently many different sources and organizations that are contributing to this cause. The U.S. Military will continue to cross new barriers in their endeavors.

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