• Accept Higher Prices For Higher Quality Body Armor

    The price is always a major factor when considering any type of body armor. But as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. A cheaper price tag isn’t always the best thing.

    Defense industry experts are questioning whether SOCOM may have added to the risk by searching for the lightest plates possible. The lightweight, ceramic plates have proven to be effective at stopping enemy rifle bullets and weigh significantly less than the conventional Army’s Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert, or ESAPI.

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  • Potential Upgrades to U.S. Military Body Armor

    The U.S. military’s $90 million investment for the advancement in body armor is sure to create a few ripples. With the help of the top research universities, including John Hopkins and Rutgers, in conjunction with other companies, the possibilities are endless.

    Developers have worked on two new body armor designs, one that’s better suited for insignificant duties, and another that will provide a more advanced protection for deadlier missions.The Army has undertaken efforts to developed armor for smaller soldiers as well, including women. In fact, the Army is already planning to release body armor targeted at females this month. The plan is to field 600 vests to women serving in Afghanistan.

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  • The New StealthPro Bullet Proof Vest

    StealthPro™ Vest – the Future Is Here, the Future Is Now!

    StealthPro™ Body Armor

    Body armor is quite a frequent topic nowadays. People live in dangerous neighborhoods, work in dangerous jobs and they want to have a guaranteed protection from threats they face in their everyday lives. Safeguard Armor has always been on the frontline of body armor manufacturing, seeking for the best modern ways to create contemporary personal protection masterpieces. The company has been cooperating with the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) and the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards. This cooperation has been priceless for Safeguard Armor LLC and has led the company to many amazing discoveries. One of them was Stealth vest that was released this spring. There were certain praises and a few complaints about it. Well, we’ve learned our lesson and here we are, presenting the new StealthPro™ vest! Continue reading

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  • Taxi and Cab Drivers Could Also Need Body Armor

    After multiple knife attacks on taxi and cab drivers, some body armor manufacturers started to make slash and cut resistant clothes, so that these people could be protected from such assaults.

    This body armor is meant to provide appropriate protection to taxi and cab drivers, who frequently have to work alone at night. These people have to deal with likely intoxicated, hostile, and incontrollable individuals.

    Actually, cab and taxi drivers must have been taken care of from the very beginning, because their job often takes them to quite distant locations that can be dangerous and lack cell phone connection. A lot of different people that ride their vehicles can often represent a serious and realistic danger to the driver as well. Continue reading

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  • Being Protected from Bullets or Knives

    Are you sure you know exactly what kind of protection you actually need? Do you know what kind of threat you will most probably face in the next moment? Do you think that you can be shot at or maybe stabbed in a dark alley? These are the primary question you have to answer prior to choosing any particular kind of body armor.

    In dependence on your own situation, you may need the kind of body armor, which will supply you with the best protection you can get. Determining the type of menace you can encounter is a critical thing to do. There are two kinds of body armor available nowadays – bullet proof vests and stab proof vests. Bullet proof body armor is designed for protecting the body from shooting, while stab proof body armor supplies protection from stab and spike attacks. Continue reading

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