GHOST Body Armor Release

Covert Bullet Proof VestFinally a protective vest that is both comfortable and is also fully adaptable to whatever dangerous situation you might find yourself in. Ghost™ is its name and it is made by the experts in personal protection at SafeGuard Armor LLC. This vest is truly designed for comfort and concealment. It is thin enough to be easily worn under almost anything without it being obvious that it is there. It is also extremely lightweight which makes it easy to move quickly when you need it the most. The wide openings for your arms allow you to be able to move them freely. There is nothing getting in your way of protecting yourself. The arms having the space they need also helps to prevent the uncomfortable rubbing that can occur when you are wearing your vest while doing things like that dreaded paperwork that always seems to pile up.

The carrier of the vest has a Coolmax® lining that helps to keep you cool and comfortable in even the tensest situations. You are in charge with this vest. It allows the user the ability to easily add extra Kevlar® panels for the protection you need. This vest can hold up to 3a soft Kevlar® panels. This vest can also hold the ultimate amount of protection including Spike Protection, Edged Blade, and of course Ballistics Protection. When your life puts you in dangerous situations it is nice to have a product you can count on and Ghost™ truly offers it. For police officers and soldiers the reality of life-threatening situations is just a daily part of the job. Their minds can’t be focused on if I am hit will my vest work to save my life. The high quality of Ghost™ can allow their minds to rest easy.

Ghost™ Body ArmorThe vest provides the highest in safety ratings and is so comfortable that the person wearing it would be likely to forget that they even have it on. Gone are the days of stiff, bulky, hot, and heavy protection. Finally we have the option to allow our protective vest to go unnoticed. This may not mean much to some but to those who risk their lives to protect ours, they only deserve the best. The concealment abilities of this vest make it ideal for police officers who go undercover and need the protection but can’t have it be noticeable. Ghost™ truly is the best option for the comfort you want and the protection you deserve.

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