Being Protected from Bullets or Knives

Are you sure you know exactly what kind of protection you actually need? Do you know what kind of threat you will most probably face in the next moment? Do you think that you can be shot at or maybe stabbed in a dark alley? These are the primary question you have to answer prior to choosing any particular kind of body armor.

In dependence on your own situation, you may need the kind of body armor, which will supply you with the best protection you can get. Determining the type of menace you can encounter is a critical thing to do. There are two kinds of body armor available nowadays – bullet proof vests and stab proof vests. Bullet proof body armor is designed for protecting the body from shooting, while stab proof body armor supplies protection from stab and spike attacks.

It’s not just the matter of your work or activities right now. Right now, let’s concentrate on the very type of the threat. At first, your general activity predetermines the kind of threats you may face. Thus, let us take a moment and consider a situation, in which you could need body armor: way home, neighborhood, workplace, and so on. Now, take just a few more moments to consider the most probable threats you can face. Done? Let’s get deeper, then.

Bullet proof body armor is evidently meant for protection from ballistic attacks. These body armors are useful to police officers, military persons, and perhaps civilians that live in hazardous neighborhoods. There are six different ballistic protection levels according to the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) that refer to various velocities and calibers of guns. With each next protection level you get a better protection from ballistic attacks.

Bullet proof vests can be purchased by civilians in the US and UK. The law allows the possession and use of bullet proof body armor. However, remember that although you may wear covert body armor wherever and whenever, not attracting any attention from the crowd, in case you start walking around in an overt bullet proof vest, you will perhaps be stopped by the police and will need to answer a few questions. But, if you are on duty, don’t worry.

Now, stab proof vests are obviously meant to protect from knife attacks. This body armor is perfect for prison guards and security guards, most of all. Just like bullet proof vests, they are available in covert and overt forms. However, a stab proof vest is always better, when it’s covert, since you don’t give any hints to the attacker on where your weakest spots are.

Whether you want a bullet proof vest or stab proof vest, remember to calculate the most potential risks and threats. This will help you get the best protection for your particular situation. In case you are purchasing overt body armor, make sure it matches the uniform’s color to make it maximally blend in with your outward look. If you are in need of body armor for the job, make sure to talk to your boss about it. Perhaps, they will tell you what body armor is best for your position, so that you buy the right one. However, even if you will just find more information on what your body armor vest should be like, it will be worthily spent time.

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