At SafeGuard ARMOR™ we offer PlatePro™, a full range of hard armor ballistic plates, which are designed for use when the protection offered by soft-armor vests is not high enough. Our ballistic plates can be removed and inserted easily, allowing any vest featuring appropriate pouches to be upgraded at any time.

The lightweight and flexible NIJ Level IIIa soft body armor plates found in bullet proof vests are designed to defeat rounds fired from a Magnum or sub-machine gun. However, they will not stop higher level threats, such as rifle rounds, as bullets of this type travel at an increased velocity. To provide protection against a rifle round, hard armor plates are required.

Our PlatePro™ hard armor ballistic plates are available with both NIJ Level III and NIJ Level IV protection. Our hard armor plates are designed to worn in conjunction with an NIJ Level IIIa soft armor, so that the protection levels of the plates can be guaranteed.

Hard armor plates are available in a range of sizes, and are made to fit into specially designed pockets on a bullet proof vest. It is most common for hard armor plates to be worn in 10" x 12" pockets on the front and back of a bullet proof vest, but different sizes can also be worn in smaller pockets on the side of vests.

The type of material used to make a hard armor plate will affect its weight. A traditional ceramic 10" x 12" hard armor plate will weigh around 3kg; a polyethylene / ceramic composite plate will weigh around 1.8kg; and a full polyethylene plate will weigh roughly 1.2kg. Each of these materials can provide level III protection, but lighter materials are generally more expensive. As such, a trade-off between weight and cost must be made by our customers.

Level IV protection is currently only offered with our level IV ceramic plate. 

When used with an NIJ Level IIIa bullet proof vest, our PlatePro™ NIJ Level III hard armor plates will protect the wearer from traditional ball rifle rounds traveling up to 950 m/s. Our PlatePro™ NIJ Level IV hard armor plates used with the same vest will defeat an armor piercing rifle round traveling up to 840 m/s. A PlatePro™ NIJ Level IV hard armor plate will also protect the wearer from the same threats as an NIJ Level III plate.

Safeguard ballistic plates offer increased protection if and when required, and allow the wearer to feel more secure in even the most dangerous environments.