Why is Kevlar Fiber Used to Protect against Potential Threats?

The Kevlar is a strong, durable, light weight and heat resistant material that is made of synthetic material known as Para-Aramids. Since the Kevlar was discovered in the early 1970s, it has always been used in most types of ballistic, spike and stab body armors. Its light weight is very critical in enabling maneuverability especially in wars. The light weight also ensures that bodyguards can take swift action in case of a violent attack. The strong nature of this synthetic material ensures that Kevlar body armors completely stop edged blades, spiked tools and bullets. Kevlar fiber is also very popular because it can be used covertly or overtly. Covert Kevlar body armors offer protection without letting the enemy know that you are protected. On the other hand, overt Kevlar armors offer extra levels of protection.