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As a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Body Armor, SafeGuard Armor understands how confusing the body armor marketplace can be. Making an informed choice is vital when purchasing protective equipment, and the more you know about body armor, the better.

As worldwide distributors of body armor, SafeGuard Armor offers a broad and diverse product line to meet the needs of every single person and organization, regardless of how unique those needs may be. Our vast inventory fulfils the needs of thousands of clients in many different occupations, all with vastly different specifications.

We understand that with such a wide range of choices, making the right decision can be difficult and frustrating. This is a very serious problem for a number of reasons: at SafeGuard Armor the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, and creating an easy and enjoyable purchasing process is an important part of this. Just as serious however, is the risk that making an uninformed decision could cause you great harm. Choosing the wrong product is not only annoying, but when it comes to purchasing body armor, choosing the wrong product can be deadly.

This is why SafeGuard Armor has gone to great lengths to provide our expert knowledge of body armor to our customers. The resources available on our website compile our years of industry experience to provide cutting-edge information on a wide variety of topics, to ensure that you know everything you need to know before purchasing from our wide range of products.