Body Armor Solutions for Corrections Officers

Corrections Officers are often not required to wear any sort of body armor, and yet many of those working in that profession will attest to its necessity. Body armor seems an essential piece of equipment for people working in such a hostile environment. Violence and injury happens far more often to Corrections Officers than people in other professions, and this is only compounded by overcrowding and understaffing. Similarly, drugs may often be a problem, making the situation even more unpredictable and dangerous.

A stab proof vest is absolutely essential for Corrections Officers. A bullet proof vest would be redundant in an environment that has such tight restrictions on firearms, yet improvised stabbing weapons known as shanks or shivs are fairly commonplace. A stab proof vest would give COs the peace of mind necessary to do their job effectively. However, spike protection would also be required, which is not offered by stab proof vests. One of the benefits of wearing body armor is the protection it provides against impacts and blunt trauma, which again is useful when facing large groups of people who often have little to do but exercise.

As always, choosing a vest that fits correctly is paramount when choosing body armor, and the decision between covert and overt vests is just as important. Most manufacturers offer overt vests with specific insignia and logos on, making them perfectly complementary to a uniform. However, some may feel that the presence of body armor may antagonise inmates, and further distance COs from them, making them more of a target for violence. In this case, covert vests are ideal and can be worn comfortably underneath a uniform.