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Body Armor Innovations

  • Talos Body Armor For US marines

    Everyone knows that there are constant advancements being made in body armor for good reason. Soldiers are still dying in battle and having the right body armor can make all the difference in the world. Scientists have recently found a way to make body armor even more protective than it has ever been before, while making it lighter and more comfortable at the same time. The Talos body armor is a new type of body armor that has been developed to provide soldiers with maximum protection without having to worry about the bulkiness that often caused them trouble in the past.

    Talos body armor uses magneto-rheological fluids to provide the protection that special operations need. The MR fluids rely on magnetic fields to create differing degrees for both flexibility and hardness. The differing degrees will allow the soldiers to have more freedom of movement without having to compromise on the protection that they are able to get from the body armor.

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  • Lighter Weight Ballistic Plates For Canadian Forces

    Montreal, QC, Canada – As with all operational militaries across the world, one of the major concerns is always lighter body armor for the active troops. For those who are not too familiar, Revision Military is an international forerunner in soldier protection solutions, and they have stepped up to fill the role of supplying Canadian Forces with new and improved armor.

    The idea is for the troops to have ballistic plating that is both lighter in weight and still really sturdy. The Revision Military brand has been awarded a $9.5 million contract in order to make this happen. The products are expected to be distributed products in April of 2014, with the existing contract including 5 option years.

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  • Potential Upgrades to U.S. Military Body Armor

    The U.S. military’s $90 million investment for the advancement in body armor is sure to create a few ripples. With the help of the top research universities, including John Hopkins and Rutgers, in conjunction with other companies, the possibilities are endless.

    Developers have worked on two new body armor designs, one that’s better suited for insignificant duties, and another that will provide a more advanced protection for deadlier missions.The Army has undertaken efforts to developed armor for smaller soldiers as well, including women. In fact, the Army is already planning to release body armor targeted at females this month. The plan is to field 600 vests to women serving in Afghanistan.

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  • The New StealthPro Bullet Proof Vest

    StealthPro™ Vest – the Future Is Here, the Future Is Now!

    StealthPro™ Body Armor

    Body armor is quite a frequent topic nowadays. People live in dangerous neighborhoods, work in dangerous jobs and they want to have a guaranteed protection from threats they face in their everyday lives. Safeguard Armor has always been on the frontline of body armor manufacturing, seeking for the best modern ways to create contemporary personal protection masterpieces. The company has been cooperating with the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) and the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards. This cooperation has been priceless for Safeguard Armor LLC and has led the company to many amazing discoveries. One of them was Stealth vest that was released this spring. There were certain praises and a few complaints about it. Well, we’ve learned our lesson and here we are, presenting the new StealthPro™ vest! Continue reading

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