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Size Guide

How To Select The Right Size Of Body Armor

Many people are not sure about how to choose the correct size of body armor for themselves. A normal bullet proof vest is designed to protect just the wearers vital organs from attack, not actually their complete torso. As such a bullet proof vest should normally hang to around your navel area, not down to your groin. Often people are surprised when they first try a piece of body armor on, as they expect them to be a lot longer than they are. The image below shows the ideal fit for a bullet proof vest.

Vest Fit

There are two main reasons for body armor only reaching the navel area. The first is mentioned above, where even at that length the wearers vital organs are all fully protected. Obviously being shot or stabbed in the lower stomach area would not be a pleasant experience, but it would also not be a life threatening one.

The second reason reason is for comfort and mobility. Modern forms of body armor are amazingly lightweight, and the protective panels they contain very flexible, but even so the wearer will still be aware that they have a bullet proof vest on. If a bullet proof vest is worn to the groin area it can be restrictive when you are bending over, sitting down etc. It should be noted that some people prefer the extra protection offered by a longer piece of body armor, and will chose to wear a vest that reaches to their belt line. We would recommend that people shorter than 5'5 wear a short vest, between 5'6-5'11 wear regular length vests, and those that are 6' and taller wear longer vests. If you need a short or long vest then please request that at the time of ordering.

Body armor is available in a full range of sizes, from Small to 5XL. Below is a size guide that will help when selecting the right size of bullet proof vest for you.

Size Chart

The protective panels in a bullet proof vest become wider as the size increases. They are designed in the same way as regular clothing, for example a large T-Shirt would fit in the same way as a large bullet proof vest. With body armor it is better to have slightly too much protection than slightly too little, so if you are unsure about what size is most suitable, for example a medium or large, then you should select the larger size. The flexibility and ability to adjust a piece of body armor will mean you will be able to get a suitable fit even if it is slightly too large.

Some people think it is essential for them to get a made to measure piece of body armor, but this is simply not the case. Because of the cost involved in producing body armor, a ''custom made'' bullet proof vest will generally be based around the exact measurements that are shown above, and will simply be a normal piece of body armor that fits closest to the measurements you provide.